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Post Date:- 21/Jul/2019

Ways To Prevent Upper Back Pain

What Causes Upper Back Pain?

    Poor Posture: Having a sedentary lifestyle or sitting for a long period of time in a slumping or slouching position can cause structural changes in the back or neck.
    Overuse/Injury: Putting the upper back through more work than usual, such as lifting heavy weight, carrying heavy backpack just over one shoulder, repetitive throwing, bending, or twisting, may make you suffer from the upper back pain. Injuries, such as being hit hard on the back, a sudden fall, and similar others may make you suffer from the upper back pain.
    Thoracic Herniated Disc: Herniated disc can cause nerve compression, which could cause pain in the back.
    Compression Fractures: A vertebral bone can become weak and not be able to fully support the weight above it which may lead to a fracture of the bones.
    Arthritis: Various types of arthritis can occur in or spread to the thoracic spine.
    Fibromyalgia: This is often caused by overuse or deconditioning of the muscles. This condition is known for widespread pain and fatigue throughout the body, and the upper back is commonly affected.
    Severe Spinal Deformity: If a spinal deformity progresses enough, it can cause painful muscle spasms and also stress in the discs and joints.

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